Will removing carpet resolve a flea infestation?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Jul 31, 2019 01:31 PM

Unfortunately not necessarily. Once fleas get in they’re difficult to remove. I recall retreating a home with a severe infestation several times.

However they can be eliminated. It just takes time and perseverance. If you’re treating your home yourself be sure to find a product with a growth regulator (gr). This causes the fleas emerging from the pupal stage to become sterile. If you can’t find an insecticide with a growth regulator it can be added to the insecticide or applied separately.

You’ll want to make an additional application in a couple of weeks to kill those fleas that emerge from the egg or pupal stage as insecticides cannot penetrate the egg or pupal casings.

( A gr is not required for the second application.)

Before treating your floors be sure to vacuum. This helps lift the carpet fibres so that when you treat the carpet the insecticide and gr will get down to the mat where the fleas are hiding. Once the application is complete wait 24 hours then resume vacuuming. Vacuum often, every day if possible until the problem is resolved. After vacuuming each time remove the bag or empty the canister into an airtight container and take it outside. If possible store the vacuum in an outside shed or garage to prevent fleas from re-entering your home. You may wish to treat the inside of the vacuum canister with a contact insecticide.

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