Will Samsung be taking a loss on the new Galaxy M phones?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 03:49 PM

Samsung has entered again in the budget and mid-range category of smartphones again. Yeah!

They comeback again with striking features with its M series. Especially M20 smartphone gives a tough competition. M10 gains a look on itself but it lacks a finger print sensor in it. As usual,Xiaomi provides finger print sensor in its Redmi 6 phone. Even though face unlock is there Finger print is more secure and faster than the former. I am not totally keep aside this M10. It has a good design. Equal competitive features like xiaomi budget phones. It has decent battery of 3400 mAh, Decent camera worth for money and if it comes with the new android Pie software, M10 grabs more attention. Apart from this and finger print sensor, M10 is quite good to compete with other phones and you can pick it.

M20 seems a more tough fighter to compete and beat it. It has almost all features that you can expect in a mid range smartphone. 6.3 inch display, 409 ppi as reduction of display. If they give Amoled display, it will lift M20 to one more step higher among its competitors. Yes! They used TFT IPS display for ME which is slight disappointment for me.

M20 is packed with the Exynos 7904 processor a new born from Samsung family. It spec sheet reveals, it will be competing with mid range processors like SD 636. So, clearly it is up to for mid range. Its clock speed is 1.8 GHz. GPU is Mali-G71 MP2 . Two ARM cortex A73 cores for powerful performance and 6 ARM cortex A53 cores for mild and mid performance. Lower clock speed is 1.6 GHz. Surprisingly, this processor supports LPDDR4x RAM . Since this is a new one with lower power consumption and powerful data processing, you can put a faith on this processor. Benchmark scores seems recognizable but it lacks behind SD processors in most tests but not too behind. Also samsung offers only 3/4Gb version of RAM with this phone. If they think of 6GB it will be more helpful compete.

As usual, this phone also offers 12MP+5MP in back and 8MP camera in rear side. Camera does a very average job here. It produces decent shots on day light conditions and below average shots on Low light conditions. Camera should have been better. Unnatural colors, white balance problem, noise, less detailing hd back the camera sector to the average level. You should check with it if you are a camera lover.

Battery is incredibly 5000mAh capacity which surely gives more than one and half day backup. You don’t need to worry about it. Design should have been better. It seems Samsung needs to look more on ergonomics side for mid range phones.

Overall, it does a fair job but not up to the mark as Xiaomi and Honor is doing. It gives tough competition but I would pick Xiaomi or Honor honestly.

Hope it helps!

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