Will the 21 day lockdown in India get postponed?


Will the 21 day lockdown in India get postponed?

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  1. Only Modi can confirm that. As per Modi’s point of justification, there was no other way to stop spread of corona than Janata Curfew and then 21 day lockdown. So, if the virus is not contained, there will be no other way than keep extending the lockdown for further days or months till corona goes away. Believe it or not, there has been WhatsApp video spreading somebody stating that corona is going to be there till May end. Anyway, people should only be happy with lockdown continuing for even further couple of months. Only worry is for the poor people who has to earn daily and eat, but then who is worried or cared for them. As many of those happy with lockdown, they say that the poor has to sacrifice for the well being of the rest of the well off people and its their destiny and nothing can be done about it. And isn’t it nice that months of lockdown gives rest to people, no pollution and all other species living happily. Wow, what a beautiful time it would be to be away from all the noise pollution, hearing to idiotic political leaders and enjoying the beauty of silence. Wish PM had stopped internet services also. Earnestly pray and Wish every year India has a lockdown of a month for every 11 months we spoil the earth and environment and life of other species. If this is a regular practice even the daily wage earners can save some money for the month and Govt. can also rest. Imagine to live for a month without having much food as supplies will be less, less killing of Chicken, no drinking of alcohol, no smoking, no gutka-paan hence no spitting. India would automatically be clean, no need of Swach Bharat cess earnings by Modi Govt.

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