Will the coronavirus spread worldwide?

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  1. Originally Answered: What is the cause of the Coronavirus and why is it spreading so fast?
    The term corona virus applies to any virus that attacks the respiratory system. It is called a corona virus because when it is viewed through a microscope a bright ring can be seen around the outer rim of the virus that looks like a crown or corona.

    After a novel virus is found it is analyzed to see how its properties compliment other known viruses. When the composition of the virus is known it is given an official name so it can be identified if it shows up again.

    In this case the virus attacking China has been named Covid-19 and it contains similar properties to the SARS and MERS corona viruses.

    There are also some proteins in the virus that do not normally appear naturally.

    Considering that the US has labeled China as a threat to national security and has been trying to destabilize its economy with tariff charges and a trade war, calling on other countries to shun Chinese technology and general products, attacking Chinese companies and their executive staff with unfounded accusations and using covert CIA social destabilization tactics in Honk Kong, Taiwan and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is not beyond consideration that the virus that has attacked chicken flocks, swine herds, grain crops and now the human population were not natural but man made and used as biological weapons against China.

    China sees all of this as too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence so they have been fighting these viral attacks as a biological war, within a general cold war.

    You should pray the US administration, responsible for these attacks, realizes China knows who to blame for their long list of misfortunes. The Chinese administration has been very patient so far, but if the US forces them to retaliate in kind they can and it will not be pretty.

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