Will the PSL leave the IPL behind in terms of popularity in the coming years?

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  1. IPL, BBL, and PSL (giving PSL a lot of respect) would come into our mind (mostly because these three are created by major cricket-playing nations. Bangladesh’s BPL maybe isn’t good enough to be named among these…). But, what if BPL has defeated PSL in a few parameters? Does that seem possible?

    Yes, BPL is above PSL in a few parameters. Let me tell you which ones.

    A list for Top leagues in weekly attendance has no PSL, but BPL is there, and that too above BBL! List of sports attendance figures

    Another list for Attendance figures at domestic professional sports leagues puts BPL 2015–16 much above PSL 2018. List of attendance figures at domestic professional sports leagues

    BPL would be the last league any cricket fan would wish to watch among these four, and PSL is competing with BPL in spectator attendance records! Then, how on Earth can PSL manage to even come close to IPL? PSL has to first reach a standard level, it is a Pakistani league and Pakistan is a troublesome country. What can anybody expect when they can’t have home leagues even? Secondly, many foreign IPL players don’t participate in PSL, which is another major blow.

    Hence, PSL won’t be able to pass IPL (or even come close) in the present or future, in any major parameters. There are a host of other stats to compare, which would strengthen this fact even more. For example budget and revenue, IPL has given goosebumps to foreign young players who couldn’t believe how big they were about to earn (example, Tymal Mills, Jos Buttler).

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