Will the US collapse in 2020?


Will the US collapse in 2020?

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  1. The things that usually cause countries to fall are: Failure of currency; failure of property rights; failure of labor; failure of the middle class; failure to exploit new technologies; failure of law and order; and failure of public services.

    Although each of these problems could get dramatically worse, none of them are immediate. The currency is still relatively stable, property rights are not under attack at all, and there is a positive push toward raising minimum wages.

    The economy seems to adjust relatively well to new technologies, law and order is still available to everyone (except the very poor), and justice is still enforced to everyone (except the very rich).

    Infrastructure is aging but still functional, and pension plans are underfunded but still mostly making payments.

    The only thing that could completely eliminate the country in the next 24 months would be a full-scale constitutional crisis.

    In the last government shutdown, for example, the President demanded concessions from Congress in order to get them to agree to re-open the government. This is the opposite of how these negotiations usually work. (Typically, the Executive Branch tries to keep the government open, and Congress asks for concessions). The last government shutdown was like a broken hostage negotiation, where the cops and the terrorists were both threatening to kill the hostages.

    People think a government shutdown is like a paid vacation, where the government closes for a few weeks, and then everyone comes back and gets paid. But the last government shutdown was 34 days. If it continued for another few weeks, it is not hard to imagine that the damage would be permanent.

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